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If your home is uncomfortable and hard to heat it’s often a direct reflection on the insulation systems not present or not performing. Now that you know you need it how much comfort do you want for your money 5% or even 60% if you're going from very bad to very good. When you insulate buildings with the right systems that trap heat and stop air movement the results are very different. The three main types of attic insulation are rolled attic insulation, pumped cellulose and spray foam insulation. There are big differences between these attic insulation types. Here are some tips.

When using rolls of wool for attic insulation you must ensure that the rolls are the same size as the timbers, this is very hard to do as there is more than likely old attic insulation installed and then lots of timbers wires etc in the way. Then insulations density will determine how good it performs and how long it lasts. Yellow Pink Brown are poor performers when compared to Cellulose and Spray Foam.

The next type of attic insulation is pumped wool or cellulose insulation. We pump the material in nice and consistently eradicating air pockets and then gets in all those hard to reach places.. We protect all ventilation electric cables and water tanks and ensure that there is no issues just the warmest job.

The third attic insulation system is the SPRAY FOAM INSULATION system which is both a thermal and airtight layer and completely protects the house from the cold. This is the one system that does the job none of the other ones do stop the cold air that gets into walls, floors, out through sockets and switches and is the biggest reason for homes cooling down quickly.

When we survey your home we will let you know which of these attic insulation systems best suits your home and also let you know how much off a difference it will make. It’s hard to know exactly how much money you will save but when you have a good thermostat installed in the right place within your home the savings are greater.

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Spray Foam Attic Insulation

Pumped Wool Attic Insulation

New Build Air tightness & Attic Insulation


When we are deciding on a method and material for an attic insulation we ensure you get the best results and longest lasting material. We stop heat escaping and air getting in, providing a comprehensive attic insulation service. Get in touch now at (1890) 90 90 22, fill in our contact form or find our office on a map at the link below to arrange your attic insulation consultation and/or QUOTE.


Rolled Wool Attic Insulation

Rolled Wool Attic Insulation involves placing rolled wool between the timber. In the above image you can see the first layer being rolled. We normally roll two more layers on top of the first attic insulation layer to ensure you get the best results.

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Spray Foam Insulation

Here you can see the spray foam insulation system installed onto the rafters which is protecting the layer of loose wool at ceiling level from cold air. The loose wool is trapping heat in the home. The spray foam insulation is protecting the layer of wool from cold while also trapping heat. The ventilation system is still in place behind the spray foam as the ventilation card has been installed.

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Long-Lasting Attic Insulation

The spray foam insulation is applied between the timbers – it will never shrink and performs better for attic insulation. Wools or fibers will shrink and sag.


Tidy, Efficient Work

All existing floors and walls are protected impeccably by our expert craftsmen while the attic insulation is being carried out


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