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Thermal Conductivity of 0.047W/mK with a blown density of 21kg/m3.

Thermal Conductivity 0.035W/mK at settled density Average density installed 24kg/m3 settled 25kg/m3

Pumped insulation has a huge advantage in that the loose insulation material gets in and around all the timbers and existing insulation unlike rolls of wool. When the material gets in everywhere it stops cold air moving between the timbers and insulation. This is where the advantage is, normally when people roll out wools there is always gaps at the side of the timbers and between the layers of wool. The timbers and insulation are different sizes which makes it almost impossible to close these gaps which are very important when it comes to insulation. There are two very good products that we pump and blow, both are mechanically installed using a Sturt Energy Machine – Rockwools’ Rockprime and Ecocells’ Cellulose. When selecting a product there is a number of characteristics we should look at, mainly the density and thermal conductivity. Contact us now to arrange a CONSULTATION so we can advise you on the best system, best advice and best price to suit your needs.

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Pumped Insulation

Cellulose is one of the warmest materials with the highest density and fire rating.

Pumped Insulation

Rock wool prime insulating hard to work areas.


When the attic is insulated with pumped wool or cellulose it is a continuous layer of material as opposed to rolls off wool that don’t get in under or between timbers. There is no air movement when you pump your attic . The air movement renders huge sections useless and leads to cooling or cold sections.

We protect the eve s ventilation and seal spot lights using thermahoods or rock wool oval sections. This stops cold air entering the home. We can build storage sections on 6×2 timbers so you can have maximum insulation and storage without a compromise in insulation levels.


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