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When your extension is cold and uncomfortable it’s normally a sure sign that the attic is not insulated with a good enough material. If there is a dry lining system on the walls the same cold air moves freely behind the plasterboard and takes the heat away. When the heat is taken from the plasterboard the plasterboard will then take the heat from the air within the room. We have all experienced houses that are actually colder inside than outside. This is conduction, which is when the heat is been taken from the air constantly reducing the temperature until it’s as cold as cold can get.

There is always something that we can do. We have been opening extension roof spaces from outside now for a number of years successfully. When we have gained access we then decide which method is best suited to provide performance and comfort for the homeowner. The spray foam insulation system is one very option applied directly to the rear of the plasterboard which seems to trap heat a lot better in the habital rooms than all the other systems.

If there are spotlights we can install the thermahood cover over them and seal them in. This will stop cold air moving through the fitting and into the room and we can also swap the original bulb which is 50 watts for an energy efficient LED 2 or 3 watt bulb. Now we save on heat and on electricity.

We have encountered a lot of sunrooms that have been built with timber cladding that are cold and flat roofs. Front porches and also side and rear extensions also cause a lot of problems for homeowners.

Have a look at our videos and you can see how we provide perfect solutions for homeowners.

Open Front Extension Roof

This extension roof space was uninsulated, allowing cold air to move through walls and floors cooling everything down.

Front Porch Roof Insulation

This front porch was not insulated properly, causing the front of the home to cool down quickly.

Flat Roof Condensation Problem

Condensation problems behind the plasterboard as there was no insulation.


Spray Foam Insulation Example

We gave this home owner some great spray foam insulation solutions and information that he loved and then we both agreed on a realistic figure and works commenced.


Spray Foam Insulation Preparation

Here you can see the ventilation spacer cards installed between the rafters, ready for the spray foam insulation.


Spray Foam Insulation

We left a large ventilation gap for a healthier timber and then sprayed in front of the timber to stop them pulling out the heat. Moisture will move through the system and into the ventilation gap keeping everything healthy and happy.


Long-Lasting Attic Insulation

This spray foam insulation was really consistent and the application was great.


Tidy, Efficient Work

A well-insulated attic with perfect seals around the edges will ensure that our client saves great money on his heating and is nice and comfortable without the heating on.



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